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Certified Access Specialist construction management services

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Eagle Project Management provides a wide variety of Construction Management Services. The scope of your project and your project's individual needs will determine the tailored solution offered.

Typical needs of a Project may include:

Project scope development
Land acquisition
Cash flow management
Design acquisition and management
Cost estimating
Cost and schedule control


Contract administration
Document control
Construction inspection
Quality control
Value Engineering
Risk management
Constructability review
Contracting and project delivery systems
Dispute avoidance and resolution

Eagle Project Management will work closely with you to clearly define the services needed to deliver a successful project. Developing a fully integrated team, including the Owner’s staff, the Architect, Specialty Consultants, and Contractors that will work together to define the scope of the project and deliver a completed project that exceeds the your expectations.


(The Construction Management Association of America Inc CMAA) available at Full PDF Here

“Construction is inherently a complex endeavor. An owner embarking on a construction project or program faces a variety of challenges, such as time and cost constraints, program and quality goals, project team creation and integration, and internal organizational requirements. Successful delivery requires a well-crafted management plan, a disciplined approach to carrying it out, and effective leadership of the program/project team.

A Construction Management professional can help identify specific needs, mobilize appropriate staff and manage implementation. Management services and expertise are tailored to specific project or program needs, and comprehensive project controls are integrated into the process to help manage the critical issues of time, cost, scope, quality and safety.

The term “Construction Management” is used broadly in the industry to convey a variety of professional services. Similarly, the term “Program Management” has multiple connotations. This Owner’s Guide refers to these two concepts as CMAA defines them in their Standards of Practice, as follows:

Construction Management is a professional management practice applied to construction projects from project inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, scope and quality.

Program Management is the practice of professional Construction Management applied to a capital improvement program of one or more projects from inception to completion. Comprehensive Construction Management services are used to integrate the different facets of the construction process—planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning—for the purpose of providing standardized technical and management expertise on each project.”

3.0 Why Construction Management/Program Management?

Construction Management and Program Management have been used successfully in all delivery methods for owners, including those who do not continuously maintain the staff expertise or the depth of resources necessary to deal with the complex responsibilities involved in the delivery of major capital projects. The CM/PM frequently helps the owner identify which delivery method is best for the project or program.

Construction Management

Construction management services rely on qualified personnel with construction, design and management expertise to expand the owner's capabilities so that the owner can successfully accomplish its program or project. These services may be provided by the owner, a consultant firm or a mix of sources.

A CM frequently has a role in both traditional and alternative project delivery methods as a trusted advisor to the owner. In such cases, the CM may participate in the decision-making process on behalf of and in concert with the owner. This can be particularly helpful in design-build where substantial scope definition responsibility and project control are assigned to the design-builder, and there exists no natural check on the design-builder.”

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