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Certified Access Specialist clients

Crestwood Behavioral Health

Crestwood is the owner and operator of numerous California based inpatient mental health facilities. Three years ago we were referred to Roger Miller who introduced us to the CASp process. Together we begin the responsibility of incrementally evaluating our properties for ADA compliance. Roger did an incredible job of educating us to the process while creating our path to compliance.
He worked easily and effortlessly in our unique psychiatric environments. A “self-starter” we hardly knew he was present.

Roger conducted multi-day CASp analyses for each site. His all-inclusive, easy to digest reports have become our road map for removing architectural barriers. No refurbishing projects are begun without first referring to Roger’s report.
If only every relationship were this smooth.

John Suggs
Vice President
Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc.

MRWMD Truck Yard Facility

Mr. Miller (Roger) was selected by the Owner to perform duties of a CASP during the design phase of the project. As Architects we are aware of accessibility issues and requirements, but during the design Roger highlighted areas where we may have overlooked something and/or gave his expertise regarding other viewpoints to resolve issues. The Owner also selected Roger as an Owner's Representative for the construction phase of the project. During the construction phase Roger was instrumental in providing advice and expertise relating to coordination between design, Owner, and construction teams to resolve issues. Roger also stepped in for a remotely located design team to facilitate construction permit submittals and worked closely with County Officials to obtain what was needed during the construction phase. Roger's on-site presence during construction meetings and providing weekly photos for the design team has aided the Owner and designers to ensure the project's design intent was followed as closely as possible. Roger's record keeping during construction was also instrumental in determining timelines of certain tasks and the validity of construction issues. I would highly recommend Mr. Miller for CASP reviews as well as construction project management services.

JR Miller & Associates, Inc.
Architects / Engineers
Brea, California"

Salinas City Elementary School District

"In my role as the Director of Facilities for the Salinas City Elementary School District, I turn exclusively to Roger for guidance, direction and solutions for my ADA compliance activities. Roger is detail oriented, regulatory aware and keenly focused on client-based solutions that resolve issues on the ground. Roger is efficient and effective--you should not hesitate to retain him to provide you with erudite guidance in meeting your ADA and project management needs."

Terry Ryan
Director of Facilities at Salinas City Elementary School District
Salinas, California Area

Quail Lodge Remodel

"Mr. Miller displayed an unwavering sense of duty, representing our interests as an Owner’s Representative. I had the opportunity to work with Roger as the project neared completion, and his sense of team work and focus on completing the key elements of the project played a key role in our successful Grand Opening. Roger's tireless work ethic, extreme focus on details, mastery of fundamental elements of Construction Management, and his organized approach allow him to successfully manage the quality of the completed project, while keeping tight control of the budget and schedule. Anyone looking for an accomplished Construction Manager or Owner’s Representative for complex projects should hire Roger Miller."

Peter C Borer
Director & Chief Operating Officer
Owners of Peninsula Hotels who own Quail Lodge-Carmel Valley, Ca

Roger Miller as Project Manager

Quail Lodge Remodel

"Mr. Miller was selected as our Project Manager and he immediately rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Due to Mr. Miller's tenacity, the project was completed on time and under budget, despite our decision to move up the completion date by a week. The talented team of subcontractors Mr. Miller enlisted were all true professionals. And the quality of their work is evident in the beauty of the finished product. Mr. Miller's maintained a high level of integrity and professionalism throughout the project. His personal accountability was evident by his follow up and attendance at the daily project meetings. His expertise and attention to detail were apparent through the entire project. I highly recommend Mr. Miller for any construction project."

Sarah Cruse
General Manager
Quail Lodge & Golf Club

Roger Miller as Project Manager

Quail Lodge Remodel

"Mr. Miller was a stand out amongst the rest. He made everyone feel comfortable; he had the knowledge of the local codes and local permitting processes that we needed. We also felt that he was the only one that would be able to have the projects move forward at the rapid pace that we needed, which he accomplished. Integrated Construction Management was given the contract immediately after the interviews, due to Mr. Miller's expertise and knowledge. During the process we found that Mr. Miller's talents and expertise went beyond what we expected. He worked closely with the County Building Department and the County Fire Marshall, and was instrumental in having our building and fire permits processed in a timely manner. Our projects were scheduled to be completed in less than four months, and because of his tenacity, hard work, and knowledge, we were able to meet our deadline for reopening our hotel. In addition to Mr. Miller' s talents, he also holds a CASP certificate which was very helpful with the new American Disabilities Act. Mr. Miller's knowledge of the new ADA laws was very helpful to make sure that we did not have any problems during the inspection process. Mr. Miller's high level of integrity and knowledge showed us that he was an advocate for ownership; he made sure that the project was quality controlled and completed on time. I would highly recommend Mr. Miller for any size or type of construction project."

Michael Ochs
Chief Engineer
Quail Lodge & Golf Club
Roger Miller as Project Manager

Salinas Valley Memorial / Cypress Healthcare Partners

"I’ve had the privilege to work with Roger Miller on a large medical office building in Salinas, totaling more than 44,000 square feet. Protecting the Owner against budget overruns and schedule delays are two of Mr. Miller’s most valuable assets. The few times contract disputes arose, he was essential to the Owner's ability to succeed. Anyone looking for an accomplished construction manager for complex projects should hire Roger Miller."

Bill Hines
President / Principal
Cypress Healthcare Partners

Roger Miller as Project Manager

Del Monte Center / American Assets

"Roger’s thoughtful review of our projects has helped to avert disaster by identifying and alerting me to potential problems before they arise, enabling me to save money and address situations proactively. His efforts have eliminated approval processing challenges, and improved design and construction quality."

Jerry Gammieri
Vice President, Construction American Assets

Roger Miller as Project Manager

Remodel Office Building - Carmel Rancho Blvd

"Roger helped us control the design process, making sure that our best interests were at the heart of every decision made. During the construction phase, ICM spent significant time on the site, proactively recognizing and resolving conflicts. When complicated issues arose, ICM worked with the Architect to explore all of the options, distill the information, and provide us with a clearly defined and recommended course of action. Roger's knowledge of the construction process and construction contracts was instrumental in our negotiations with the contractor and the tenant. I can say that ICM's oversight and expertise saved thousands of dollars in the final lease negotiations, and was instrumental in completing the project on time and within our prescribed budget."

Virginia Srsen / Earl Fontes
Property Owner

Roger Miller as Project Manager

Capital Project Manager at the County of Monterey

"Roger worked as a Project Manager at the County of Monterey. During this time, he was a member of my Capital Project Management Team, and we worked together closely.
Some of his notable projects included managing the:
Delicate and complex Third-Floor Monterey County Courthouse Remodel Project,
Request for Proposal process and selection of the architect/design team for the County of Monterey Government Center,
Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment for County of Monterey Government Center,
Programming for the Health Department Headquarters.
All of these projects required a close attention to detail, strict adherence to the overall project schedule, and a willingness to dive into the project to find the best solutions for all stakeholders.
Roger possesses outstanding analytical skills and has the remarkable ability to tackle even the most intricate issues with great ease.
Roger would be an asset to any project, and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue."

Linda Butson
Facilities Management Director City of Scottsdale
(former County of Monterey Manager of Capital Projects )


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