Certified Access Specialist (CASp)

EAGLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Certified Access Specialist

We will tailor our services to meet your budget and objectives
offering variations on our Full CASp Inspection like: - See: DSA - CASI -

Intro for small businesses

Program Development
Assist you in defining the regulations that apply to your facilities and developing a program to address
Accessibility Requirements throughout the organization.

Can include training for management & Staff

Simplified Facility Walkthrough
Meet with facility staff on-site and walkthrough identifying “obvious” accessibility issues.
Limited measurements can include photos and a brief report.

Due Diligence
Call before you lease or purchase a facility (landlord or tenant). This helps you understand what accessibility improvements are required, it is a useful tool to evaluate costs and negotiate the contract.

Full CASp Inspection Report
Detailed inspection and comprehensive list of non-compliant elements with details regarding non-compliant features.

Remodel or Addition
Plan strategically, include accessibility improvement costs in the budget and make improvements that are fully accessible.

Review design sketches, drawings and specification for accessibility and/or constructability, and provide comments.

Consulting Services
Provide support for planned purchase, maintenance, etc. offering consulting with or without a site visit. Call before you:
• Re-stripe a parking lot
• Build a ramp
• Re-pave sidewalk
• Purchase new components (toilets, sinks, etc,)

The cost for our services are reasonable and we are willing to work with you to tailor our services in order to meet your schedule, budget, and priorities.

Typical CASp Services: DSA - CASI

Accessibility Scoping and Technical Consulting
Provide Recommendations on Accessibility Scoping.
Review Technical Issues and Provide Recommended Solutions.
ADA Code/Regulation review and solutions.

Certified CASp Inspections
CASp Compliance Pending Reports, Certificates and Window Decals.
CASp Implementation Plan Development Support.
CASp Certified Compliance Reports, Certificates and Window Decals.
On Site Consultation Pre-CASp Walk Through Of Building and Facilities.

Lease Space Pre-Lease CASp Inspections and Evaluations.
Evaluation of Landlord Accessibility (e.g. parking and path of travel).

Realtors, Attorneys, and Property Buyers
Pre-Purchase Inspections and Evaluations.
Implementation Scope and Cost Assessment
Lease disclosures (Ref. SB 1186)

New Facilities and Tenant Improvements and Remodels

Multi-Family Residential
Business Parks
Police Stations
Mixed-Use Buildings
State Govt Facilities
Shopping Centers
Justice Facilities
Commercial Offices
Gas Stations
Industrial Buildings
Fire Stations
Manufacturing Facilities
Retail Stores
Recreational Facilities

Preliminary Construction Accessibility Scope Review.
Project Plan Review and Design Support.
In-Process Inspections and Reviews.
Post Construction Inspections, Reports, Certificates and Window Decals.
CASp Compliance Pending Reports, Certificates and Window Decals.
CASp Implementation Plan Development Support.
CASp Certified Compliance Reports, Certificates and Window Decals.

State And Federal Facilities And Municipalities
Transition Plan Development Support.
Site Inspections.

Architects and Owner Plan Review
Accessibility Peer Reviews.
Constructability Reviews.
Plans, Specifications, Signage.
Code Compliance Evaluations.
DSA Access Compliance Plan Review.
Accessibility Master Planning.
Accessibility Projects Construction Observation.
Site Inspections and Punch Lists Completion.

Contractors And Builders CASp Solutions Services
Plan and Specification Review.
Pre- Construction CASp Consultation.
Site Inspections During Construction, Check Forms, and Measurements.
Post-Constructions Inspection CASp Certification.

Litigation Support
CASp Inspections, and Scope Evaluation.
Defense Strategy and Consulting.

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